Compare And Contrast Polar Bear And Grizzly Bear

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Development and Growth of each individual These unique mammals are naturally built to be at the top of the food chain. The Grizzly bear has its sharp claws as well as its humped shoulders and back that gives the animal its brute strength not to mention its razor sharp fangs which are deadly when used. The polar bear has its strong thick claws and it also has sharp long carnivorous teeth that are perfect for shredding flesh. These mammals both have the essential tools for survival, but they aren’t born a threat. Each bear has to start off small and grow just as any other organism. The big ferocious Grizzly starts off as a vulnerable cub that lives under the protection of its mother. Newborn cubs are surprisingly hairless when they…show more content…
Which animal has the evolutionary advantage you ask? Both bears are both equipped to be the top of the top, but one has the advantage over the other. The grizzly bear known for its brute strength and surprising speed definitely makes it a contender to be evolutionarily better. Then you have the somewhat graceful polar bear known for its patience, smart hunting skills, brute strength, and ferocious sharp teeth. As I’ve stated both animals are equipped and both have some very similar attributes. Regardless of their similarities one bear is better than the other. From what I’ve researched on the internet to what I’ve read in our Campbell biology book, I have determined that the grizzly bear has a few advantages over the polar bear. First off the grizzly bear being omnivorous gives it an automatic advantage. Polar bears diet consists only of seal, so when the seal are scarce in the region they basically have to eat what they can find, rely on stored body fat, or they starve to death. Grizzly bears rely on plants and animals mainly plants, so if there is a decline in there plant food source they can rely on the animals they hunt or if there is a decline in the animals they hunt they can rely on the plants they usually eat. These food options give the grizzly bear and evolutionary advantage, but it’s not the only one. Polar bears don’t like being in warm climates and tend to wind down when its warmer, so when the climate starts to get warmer they go into hibernation whereas the grizzly bear goes into a state of dormancy. Hibernation is when the animal is in a state of inactivity that decreases its metabolism or metabolic rates. The organism’s body temperature, heart rate, and breathing all slows down. Hibernation may last a few days, weeks, or even months. Dormancy on the other hand is when an organism’s growth and physical activity comes to a halt based on conditions or predicted conditions. This

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