Compare And Contrast Political Parties Vs Federalists

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In America, many people did not like the ways the government was doing things. Most citizens wanted political parties, so they could side with the government they liked. The Federalists opposed in political parties. They believed it would have divided the nation . The Federalist party is a stronger party for presidency because it stays neutral in foreign affairs, has a strong government, and is able to fix national debt problems. The Federalists stayed neutral in foreign affairs. They wanted to remain in peace with countries.“A new nation was developed and it stayed in peace for more than one century” (Document 2). Jefferson wanted the United States to remain neutral with the countries. The Federalists also wanted an alliance with Great Britain because they liked the way Great Britain saw radicalism in the French Revolution. They wanted a monarchy because that liked the way the British looked at thing.
Hamilton wanted the government to be ran by rich people because they would make the government stronger and more educated. “...Alexander Hamilton believed that our new country 's federal government should be more powerful”
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Hamilton believed in the need for banks. Alexander Hamilton states, “Power without revenue is only a name.”( When he says “revenue”, this means that without a place to keep the money stored, it is only a name. The bank

would give and loan money to the government when needed. Jefferson thought that the constitution did not give the national government the power to establish the bank though, they wanted to fix the world 's national debt to make a safe place for fund, tax, and collections to be kept. The Federalists liked the way money was made in Great Britain, so they would start that in some states.
The Federalist are the most qualified for presidency because they stay neutral in foreign affairs, have a strong government, and can fix the world 's national
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