Compare And Contrast Poverty In Developing Countries

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Poverty define as the state or condition in which person is unable to fulfill his/her basic need, such as pure water, qualitative food, shelter, clothing, education, basic health etc.Or a person who earns only $2 per day. It is an extremely unpleasant situation to live in so it is not wondering that people go to significant lengths to avoid it and tries very hard to escape from poverty once they have sunk into it.
Poverty dynamics mean changes in poverty level with respect to time. It gives different directions of poverty with the passage of time.
Topic I have chosen to understand the real picture of common people, who still hard to meet two times of meal. I tried to compare the developed countries; i-e USA from developing countries such as Pakistan. In which I got causes of poverty in developing countries that are too much different from the developed nation. Such asrole of governance causes poverty in developing countries,on the other side violence in youth is responsible for poverty in developed nation.


Literature Review
2.1Poverty and Change in the Macro economy of US
Nathan S. Balke and Daniel J. Slottje (Feb., 1993) has estimated Poverty and Change in the Macroeconomy of US by using vector auto regression (VAR) for the data (1950-1989). He tried to find out impact of macroeconomic activity on the level of poverty. He assumed that the poverty rate changes due to changes in various indicators of macroeconomics activities in US economy. He

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