Compare And Contrast Prison And Being Grounded

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A person is locked up in a room. They have nothing to do other than lie in bed or watch paint dry. They are feeling malnourished since they barely have any food in their body, only getting one meal per day. The loneliness they endure drives them to the brink of insanity. Sounds like prison, right? Nope, just a boy being grounded for playing too much video games. Being grounded and prison have very little difference whatsoever: they both induce loneliness for extended periods of time, prisoners barely get any food since leaving the room/cell is bad news, and they both have guards to make sure nothing disobedient happens. Prison and being grounded in a room both keep a person lonely for an extended period of time. Being grounded keeps kids in their room for what seems like forever. The only time that is earned outside of the room is when either dinner is served or potty time calls. Very few things would be entertaining during this time, some examples being either sleeping the sentence away or staring at a wall and daydreaming. In prison, there are miniscule differences from being grounded. Some of the differences being the bars and the multiple other people around. Leaving the cell is only possible when it’s either recreational hour or dinner. Again, the only activities available would be to…show more content…
Prison guards may be more strict than parents, but they both serve the same purpose. Being grounded technically doesn’t have guards, but it has parents that try to act like guards. They are there to make sure no funny business goes on and to make life miserable. They want their “prisoner” to be sure they have learned a lesson. The same thing goes on in prison, but the lesson is the sentence to jail. They too are there to be sure that nothing bad goes on and to make life absolutely terrible. These guys may be a little different than some parents since pointing a gun at a child is frowned
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