Frankenstein And The Modern Prometheus Comparison

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Frankenstein Essay Connor McGuire 11/9/17 The Story of Frankenstein is a story of sadness, pain, and loss. It has shown itself as an incredible achievement in literature and its captivated readers for over two centuries. One observation remains though. This story is not only known as Frankenstein but also as The Modern Prometheus. This story, as can be seen, draws many parallels with the story of Prometheus and it’s characters. This subtitle is more than just another name for the story, it is the same story but through a different lens. Both of these tales are stories of creation and punishment. One is the story of a titan of the name Prometheus who is given the task by Zeus of creating mankind out of clay. The titan grew sympathetic to mankind after creating it and stole fire from the gods to help them. Zeus had found out about this and deemed that Prometheus had given humanity too much power with the gift of fire. Zeus punished the titan by chaining him to a rock letting a bird eat his liver in the day only leaving him alone at night for the liver to regenerate the next day to repeat the cycle for all eternity. The easiest…show more content…
This is where the true Promethean punishment sets in and the line can be drawn with his seemingly never-ending chase through uninhabitable conditions and the eternal punishment of Prometheus. Victor, when he got his closest, became lost and became his sickest in the tundra where he meets Captain Walton and tells him of his story. At this point, he has suffered and has regretted everything he had done. In his final days alive his Prometheus and Zeus side lived in a strange cohesion. And after his own creation stole his final breath he had died a man who had made all the wrong moves and could only realize it in the
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