Compare And Contrast Qin And Zhou Dynasties

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In our history, countries have found what government types have worked and what hasn’t. For example, the Qin and Zhou dynasties both represent the output of a person/group having too much power. Also, we had two wars over communism because in communism the central government has too much power. I think that a great country is based around the power given. To spread the power I would use the U.S. Constitution and Chinese philosophies. My ideal government type would create a safe, positive, and peaceful place to live. The Qin dynasty did not last very long. While the Qin dynasty did some wonderful things, such as ending the warring states period, this dynasty also had a very corrupt leader. Qin Shi Huang Di, a ruler during the Qin Dynasty, burned confucian books, buried Confucian scholars alive, and killed anyone who didn’t agree with him. Buddhist monks lit themselves on fire in protest of Qin Shi Huang Di. In my ideal government, the power would have to be spread to avoid repeating…show more content…
In my ideal government, I would have 2 presidents (one girl and one boy) and 2 vice presidents (one girl and one boy). They would unite and make the best decisions for our country. Also, I would spread the power throughout the central, state, and local governments. The central government would have more power than the state and local government. The state would have more power than the local. But, each would have some power. The central, state and local would all have branches that would separate the power even more. For instance, I would use the first three articles in the U.S. constitution to spread the power in the central government. Last, I would take parts of Confucianism and Legalism to use in my government. The rulers and subjects have to respect each other. There will be a good amount of rules as well. If I had the opportunity, this would be the government that I would create in a
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