Compare And Contrast Quantitative And Qualitative Approach

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The quantitative and qualitative approaches should not be understood as in one research is used only quantitative method, but in another one is used only the qualitative method. Both approaches represent certain systems of outlooks, within which ideas of cognitive functions of methods and priorities of its relevance for scientific research are formed. When you decide which model to choose, it is important to have the idea of what the main goal of collecting the information is.
On the one hand, the qualitative approach is a research method in which the researcher has an active role in interacting with the participators or object he or she wishes to study. In other words, qualitative research is a method which creates verbal summaries of research without any statistical summary or analysis.
One the other hand, the quantitative approach is based on tests, data, questionnaires, and other measures. It is the qualitative research that answers why questions and cannot be carried out by the quantitative answers.
Generally, what is important for qualitative approach is opposite for the quantitative approach. That is why the researcher has to be initially involved in the process of the research and he cannot be simply objective researcher.
Usually the quantitative approach comparing to the qualitative approach is recognized as the priority one. The reason for that is that in quantitative research is treated as most reliable and evidential. It is based on a set of ideas,
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