Compare And Contrast Rainsford And Zaroff

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In “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell, uses 3rd person limited to show two different perspectives from Zaroff and Rainsford on hunting and the hunted; with their perspectives, Connell creates suspense and irony in the story. For instance, “ “It came to me as an inspiration what I must do,” the general went on. “And that was?” The general smiled the quiet smile of one who has faced an obstacle and surmounted it with success. “I had to invent a new animal to hunt,” he said.” (Connell, 7) The general becoming more than just a hunter, for Rainsford this had changed on how hunting was becoming especially after what Zaroff was speaking more into. Not to mention, “ “I can’t believe you are serious, General Zaroff. This is a grisly joke.” “Why should I not be serious? I am speaking of hunting.” “Hunting? General Zaroff, what you speak of is murder.”” (Connell, 8) Going back to the beginning of the story, Rainsford had opined on animals not having any feels and hunting just was a sport; Rainsford noticing Zaroff was killing people for the enjoyment of his will.
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