Compare And Contrast Raisin In The Sun

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Stephen King, an American author of horror, once said, “Books and movies are like apples and oranges they both are fruit, but taste completely different.” In certain situations, change is beneficial. Likewise, when directors change the script it can make the movie better. After viewing the movie Raisin in the Sun we realized that it added more information. Without question, the book fails to add more information.
There are many similarities in the book and movie but in the book some scenes are cut out. For example, he does not meet with Bobo. When he meets with Bobo and Willy viewers learn more about the liquor store investment. Viewers also see what Willy looks like in the movie, they do not mention anything about how Willy looks. Some people might think he is a white man. Additionally, there was also a police officer that announced to Walter, “ Hey boy move that car now.” This scene shows that white people are trying to demote black men and making them sound weaker by calling them boys. Finally, in the scene Ruth went to the doctor she was a untrained black person, who did not look like a doctor at all. This shows how poor they are to see a real doctor. In the book all these scenes are cut out. This makes the movie better than the book.
Another difference that exist is how Asagai acts different toward Beneatha in the movie but not
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They do this because they want to make it better. Also if viewers saw the movie they want to see how to book differs. Or if readers read the book first they would want to see how the filmmakers made the characters or changed the book. When a director tweaks a movie in some cases it turns out better than the book. The Raisin in the Sun, Jurassic Park, and Percy Jackson they all turned into great movies that viewers loved more than the books. Stephen King once said, “Books and movies are like apples and oranges they both are fruit, but taste completely
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