Compare And Contrast Rattlesnake And King Cobra

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King Cobra V.S. Rattlesnake Wow,they are so alike and different! Have you ever thought about a king cobra and a rattlesnake? Like how they these two amazing reptiles are alike and different. These two reptiles have traits that are similar and different. This is how their traits are similar. They both shed their skin. Shedding skin is when a snake’s old skin peel off, and they get new skin. Also they both have thick bodies with keeled (colorful) skin. Here is how they are different. A king cobra can grow to get up to 18 to 20 feet long. The rattlesnake can get up to 3 to 4 feet long. Both of these animals can deliver fatal bites to humans with their long fangs. They have different types of venom. The king cobra’s venom is more deadly than the rattlesnake’s. Their diets are similar and different too. The king cobra like to eat on other snakes,small mammals,and eggs. The rattlesnake eats small rodents,frogs,and birds. Both of them feast on lizards,squirrels,rats and ect. Their hunting skills are the same. They spot their prey,get low,slither towards it quietly,come up on it,then strike at it. After the prey is dead the swallow it whole, head first.…show more content…
The king cobra’s can be found in the southeast. You can find them in the countries of India,China,Vietnam,Malaysia,Indonesia,Loas,Myanmar,Bangladesh, and the Philippines. They stay in rain forest,bamboo thickets,and mangrove swamps. Rattlesnakes are found in almost every part of the continental U.S. , but they are especially common in the southwest. Countries like Mexico,Central America, and South America are homes to rattlesnakes. They live in forest,deserts,scrub brush,and swamps. Both of these animals can be found in grasslands and some mountain
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