Compare And Contrast Raven Vs Christian

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Raven vs. Christian In a survival situation there are two options: be sensible or be foolish. In a situation where a person must choose between life and death, most people tend to choose life. In How Did This Just Happen the author tells a story of a group of friends who fight day in and day out to survive a zombie apocalypse. Two main characters: Raven and Christian, are alike in multiple ways, however, they could not be more different. In the end, the differences between the two works together to create a magnificent tale. Raven is a spunky young lady who spends her time reading books, such as The Odyssey, and devoting much of her leftover time to school. In school Raven is the center of the conversation, always contributing and always helping those who don’t understand something. Raven is a strong, yet sensitive girl who, while…show more content…
Sparks often fly between Raven and Christian because they both have surprisingly different opinions and views on life. For example, you cannot honestly think Christian agreed to follow Raven’s rules easily, can you? Raven and Christian screamed back and forth at each other for a good twenty minutes before Christian, in an annoyed manner, agreed to follow the rules. Even with Christian following the rules, Raven had to make adjustments that tailored to what she believed Christian would do. Another example goes back to Christian having to be Raven’s grounding rod. It can be exhausting to be the only person who can keep someone from running off and doing something ill-advised, so it is not unexpected when Christian lashes out at Raven. Raven gets her feelings hurt and runs off. Christian finds her and after apologizing for hurting her feelings, they reach a contented state. In the end, they work together to reach a common goal and anyone reading the story cannot put it down because they want to see what is going to happen
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