Compare And Contrast Realism And Idealism

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In this essay I am comparing the realism and idealism philosophies with United States President Donald Trump 's doctrine and Ex-President Obama 's. In order to be capable to make a distinction between idealism and realism, we first have to have a accurate and detailed understanding of both terms. Realism and idealism are world or general philosophies that emanated from Plato and Aristotle who were ancient Greek philosophers. On the one hand, idealism is a philosophical approach which central principle is that ideas are the singular authentic matter, the only thing that it is worth to know. In a pursuit for honesty, beauty, and fairness that is everlasting and abiding, the focus is on certain interpretation in the mind. Plato, also called the father of Idealism, adopted this view in his distinguished book, The Republic. The goal of educationIn idealism is to find and develop each individual 's capacities to better serve the community. The curricular gives more attention to the subject matter of mind: religion, history literature and philosophy. Imitating heroes and examples, character is developed. On the other hand, realists consider that reality endure separate of the human mind. The basic existence is the world of physical objects. Objects and body are where they focus. Aristotle, who was a student of Plato, totally broke with his mentor 's idealist philosophy. He is also called the father of both Realism and the scientific method. The Realist curriculum emphasizes

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