Compare And Contrast Reggio Emilia And Montessori Education

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Based in the NAEYC standers: Reggio Emilia approach supports a Child Approach in that a child’s image is viewed as having rights and not just needs, child has been viewed as beautiful, competent, powerful, curious, creative as well as full of ambitious desires and potentials, supports children’s individual differences and needs, documentation that Reggio teachers collect about their students, and mix of long- and short term projects which provide students with a deeper understanding of the subject matter. While in Montessori standers include mission and vision: The school’s vision is consistent with the Montessori philosophy of facilitating the student’s development of full potential, governance, leadership, and continuous, improvement:…show more content…
(Miller & Almon, 2009). Children can learn from the different activities that the curriculum provides that fit all the students. In addition, children have the choice to choose which activity they want to do, and they have the chance to talk or share their opinion. Moreover, these curriculums are necessary conditions for ensuring optimal growth and development of young…show more content…
However, the two approaches are different views of the nature of young children 's interests, needs, that teachers interact and cooperate with children in the classroom. In my opinion Reggio Emilia approach is the best curriculum because it provides for the children, the environment and materials that met their needs, it gives the student the opportunity to think and explore. Children have a verity of options in the classroom, they can do many activities and they can choose the activity that they like without teacher promotion, and there are many areas for children, such as, dramatic area that the child can act as a police officer or a doctor or any other character they like. Moreover, there is place for cooking, playing in sand, outdoor, and many other areas that help children to explore and get knowledge. In addition, I liked the role of the teacher in the Reggio Emilia schools, they emphasis on communication with parents and children and they believe that the relationship between children and parents are the developer key for the child so they try to be in touch with the parents and include them in the school activities. What I like most in Reggio Emilia approach that there is no pursuer in the children they have the freedom they can play and explore and ask questions and I think this way is very helpful for the children to grow up independent and in

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