Middle Ages Pros And Cons

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Compare, Contrast and Change

Source A (Medieval) Source B (Renaissance)

The time period “The Renaissance” has been characterized and identified as a time period where drastic changes and innovations took place in a wide array of different fields, such as science, astronomy, etc. It was a three century time period (14 - 17th century) when Europe began flowering into a civilised and structured continent. It is viewed as the bridge between Modern Society and the Middle Ages. It initiated with the rediscovery of Greek philosophy and knowledge. These new ideas and strategies soon began to affect and impact architecture, medicine, politics, literature and more. The Middle Ages began
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Botanists classify and label different species of the five kingdoms to make it easier to identify and distinguish different animals. Everybody organises and classifies things to make life easier. Another example of the positives of labelling and organising is the common supermarket. Every product is arranged of shelves and different corridors to make it easier for the consumers and customers to find products.

Cons/negatives: The taxonomy of labelling different time periods are that they are too vague and not specific enough to identify different areas at the same time. Too many generalisations are made for that time period. The middle Ages is often seen as a dark and dingy time period, full and ridden of disease and poverty, this may be the case for some countries such as England and less successful countries at that time, but it wasnt for all of them. Many countries in Asia and Africa (such as the Mali Empire) where blossoming and are seen this way at a first glance because of the generalisation made by labelling time periods of the
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