Compare And Contrast Republicans And Democrats

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The United States is well known for its bipartisan political system, where Republicans are always competing with Democrats, trying to popularize their political ideals and seeking ways to maintain their political leadership. Despite the traditional viewpoint that Republicans and Democrats are completely different, they are in a position to reach agreement on many political and social issues. Beyond the controversial issues of federalism, unilateral military aggression, abortion and same-sex marriages, democratic and republican parties encourage the privatization of prisons and the increase of the army budget, supplemented by a political effort to reduce the burden Taxation of the wealthiest. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are willing to increase the tax burden that the American population currently carries. On the contrary, both sides devote themselves to the idea of a substantial…show more content…
Republicans and Democrats promote the privatization of prisons and support national efforts to ban all kinds of drugs (Freeman 331). The war on drugs is a piece of the political arrangements that both parties take over and perceive as the essential components of their political success. Democrats and Republicans unanimously oppose torture in prisons and support the need to increase army budgets. Neither side has ever expressed the desire to reduce military spending and reorient the liberated financial resources to support many social initiatives. The Democratic and Republican parties will find little agreement on the issue of federalism and the limits of federal power for states. Democrats are persuaded that the rights and competencies of states should be expanded; The Republicans assume that more noteworthy limitations ought to be set on the federal power, favoring the centralization of political forces in the United States
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