Compare And Contrast Richard Bland And Hampton University

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Hampton University has 110 student organizations that people on campus can participate in while Richard Bland has only 13 clubs/organizations for a student to participate in. Going to Hampton University can give a student more opportunities to express themselves through the various clubs that are introduced to them while on campus. Richard Bland has a small amount of clubs available for students, with that being said, this limits the amount of students applying for club memberships because the clubs offered may not be something that everyone is interested in. Hampton University and Richard Bland both have a variety of sports, but they both vary in the type of sports they offer. Richard Bland offers both men and women’s sports (basketball, golf, soccer, softball, and cheerleading) while Hampton University offers tennis, golf, bowling, football, volleyball, softball, track, sailing and cross country.…show more content…
The tuition at Hampton University for an entire year is $23,992. It is so much more expensive to attend HU because of it being a four year college as well as the many things this university can offer compared to RBC. Although, both colleges differ in prices, both of them for an entire year are almost similar in cost. Another factor that these two colleges differ in is the number of dorms that are available for on-campus students. Hampton University has 22 dorms in total, 8 being dorms for males and 14 being dorms for female students while Richard Bland has two dorms for male and female

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