Compare And Contrast Richard Rodriguez And Malcolm X

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Although they come from different backgrounds Mark Mathabane, Richard Rodriguez and Malcolm X all learned the value of literacy and importance it has for success. They had different opinions during their childhood but at the end they both agreed on what was important to them and what benefited them the most. Unlike Richard Rodriguez and Malcolm X's, Mark Mathabaneś childhood was different from theirs. His mother wanted him to go to school and get an education. Even though his father thought that school was just a waste of time, his mother knew that if Mark were to go to school he would have a better life than what he had growing up. Mark states, ¨When my mother began dropping hints that I would soon be going to school, I vowed never to go because school was a waste of time¨ (1). As his story goes on you see his mindset change. From him stepping foot into tribal school and meeting the Principal, to him getting the news his father had beaten his mother ferociously. Anger being built up inside of him. He knew his mother wanted an education for him and she was willing to pay the painful price it came with.…show more content…
Like Mark Mathabane his parents sacrificed a lot for their sons education. He mentions “If, because of my schooling, I had grown culturally separated from my parents, my education finally had given me ways of speaking and caring about that fact.” (1) This shows that his childhood had a huge impact on the way he looked at education and literacy. Due to his situation he was even more intrigued in reading. The only thing that made him uncomfortable about reading by himself was the feeling of ¨loneliness”. The more and more he read he found out more about himself like when he says, ¨Books were going to make me “educated.” That confidence enabled me, several months later, to overcome my fear of the silence.¨(4) Reading helped him build confidence in
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