Compare And Contrast Roland And Dantes Inferno

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Now faith is defined as the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. In the stories The Song of Roland and Dante’s Inferno both main character’s faith was tested on their spiritual quest to salvation. Roland was betrayed and outnumbered by his enemies and Dante was lost in the darkness of sin. As each man faced difficult situations on their missions, both relied on their faith to overcome their enemy, persevered through obstacles and refused to turn back. Although Roland and Dante journeys were completely different, their values in what they believed in were the same. As Roland walked through the valley of the shadow of death, he feared no evil. In the Song of Roland, Roland’s spiritual quest was to take back the Holy Lands from Muslim occupation and…show more content…
Rolland’s character was very different than Dante. Rolland always appeared confident throughout his mission. He was a warrior, a martyr for Christ. Rolland faced his enemy without fear and slain them. In contrast, Dante’s character did not always display courage and strength. He often feared and appeared cowardice in the face of adversity. It seemed that Dante needed a guide (mediator) to help him to accomplish mission, so Virgilus was sent to assist him. Virgilius role in some sense reflected the Catholic value, that man needs a mediator (guide, catholic priest) to help lead man to salvation. Virigilus wisdom and guidance lead Dante to escape Hell and receive his salvation. Rolland was too prideful to accept wise counsel from Olivier, his noble companion. When Rolland and Olivier realized they were outnumbered, Olivier advised him to sound the horn, but Rolland refused. Unfortunately, Rolland died on the battlefield against his enemy. However, he still was victorious unto death, because those whose died in battle would enter Paradise as a
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