Compare And Contrast Rollercoaster And Love

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Riding a rollercoaster can be a unique experience and so is love. The twists and turns during a rollercoaster ride are intriguing, nerve-wracking. For anyone trying out the ride for the first time, it could also be their last ride, based on the experience they had. At one point during the rollercoaster, you are calm and relaxed while at another you are bursting with emotions, and you cannot help but scream. Similarly, in loving someone, a broad range of feelings are likely to be experienced. Anger, happiness, disappointment, tenderness, distrust, jealousy, annoyance and desperation are just but some of these feelings. Some of these may be difficult to control due to the dependence and understanding that exists between the lovers. Human emotions are hard to understand because they change as situations change. Also, these emotions cannot be avoided and anyone, at one point in life, must experience one or many of these feelings. Love stands at the top of these emotions. A ride on a rollercoaster and love life share many similarities; both have ups and downs, are a personal choice, and will not be quickly forgotten. Loving a person and riding rollercoaster have varying feelings, at one point you are high and at the other you are low. Commitment to loving someone causes a person to be willing to do…show more content…
However, while the two are entirely different, there are still many aspects that join the two together. The experiences in both cause the heart to race, you experience the ups and downs, good and bad, you make the personal choice to participate in both, and neither are easily forgotten. Roller-coasters provide you with a thrill and the same butterflies as love but only last a short time. True love is the most incredible feeling anyone can experience and riding a roller coaster gives you that similar rush. Love is just like riding the same rollercoaster over and over

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