Compare And Contrast Roman And Han Empires

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Empires throughout history have all had their own methods to political control. Some very similar others could not be any more different. Some of the great empires such as the Han and the Roman had very similar approaches to political control. Although both the Han and the Roman empires had similar forms of government both bureaucracies, both empires had many individual characteristics as well. Between 31 BCE to 476 CE empires usually had a similar approach to government. An emperor who was supreme and divine and some type of advisors. Roman and Han empires shared this characteristic. Unlike the Han, Rome had its own senate, Roman emperors typically had many advisors. The roman empire used a senate method which allowed for their citizens to contribute and vote. This showed the citizen that they had some control and created a strong government following in the people and helped eliminate the chance of uprisings. The han however had no citizen participation in their government their emperor held all the power in government. A main way to maintain control in this system was using harsh and excessive punishment.…show more content…
Both empires were highly focused on territorial expansion but with the expanding territories more emphasis was need to be placed on a well rounded military in order to maintain full control. The Roman empire;s military was very focused on the skill and quantity of the armies. The size of the arm scared the citizen into maintaining obedience to the emperor. Unlike the Roman the Han required men to serve in their military. Because of China’s isolation the risk for invasion from enemies or barbarians. Just like the Roman empire the army was a sign of strength for the citizens and forced the citizens to continue to follow the
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