Compare And Contrast Roman And Persian Empires

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Ever since the beginning of time, nations have risen to become glorious empires and then are reduced back to their humble state. These countries have had the pride of dominating and influencing many varied civilizations yet their pride soon was reduced to woe as they lost hold on their supremacy. Yet between these prominent nations ' peak of power and their tragic downfalls, therein lies several reasons for their inevitable collapse. And considering that history tends to repeat itself in many forms, these distressing reasons for ruin can be found throughout two of the greatest empires in history, Persia and Rome. Although there are certainly major differences between the Roman and the Persian empires, their declines are both results of weak and corrupt rulers, issues dealing with the economy, loss of scientific advancements, and military complications. And by studying these factors which contributed to the two empires ' downfall, historians may be able to prevent these complications from gravely affecting modern day civilizations. Weak and/or corrupt rulers exist in almost, if not all, empires at one point of the empires ' period in influence. In Rome, there were many corrupt rulers scattered throughout its timeline, but two specific emperors aided in the…show more content…
Persia also dealt with military complications that affected the empire, and its problems also related to the fact that foreigners inhabited the Persian army. The issue which plagued the empire and ultimately caused its downfall was the make-up of its military.34 The Persian empire 's military was composed of soldiers who each possessed their own language and traditional ways of engaging in combat.35 This drawback caused confusion when the military was occupied by the action of battle and caused additional losses on the Persian party rather than the opposing side.36 When Persia succumbed to more defeats than victories the empire 's domination wavered and Persia was admitted to the gradual
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