Compare And Contrast Roman Empire And Aztec Empire

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Roman Empire vs. Aztec Empire When comparing the Roman and Aztec Empire, it is clear to see similarities and differences within each civilization. Between government, religion, warfare, remarkable similarities defined two of the greatest civilizations. The differences such as social structure and economy are more prevalent between each empire. The Aztecs were a civilization that originated in Mexico. The center of their civilization was the Valley of Mexico, a huge oval basin about 7,500 ft. above sea level. In the Valley of Mexico were different cities and towns, the 3 powerful cities being Texcoco, Tiacopan and the capital Tenochtitlan. It took awhile to make the marshy island with limited resources more desirable and profitable. Once they adopted the agricultural system of farming known as Chinampas, their constant maintenance of the swampy land ended. Quickly, their land transformed into a fertile and productive island, allowing trade and markets to become productive and one of the best. Aztec rule lasted from 1325-1521, which was lead by Huey Tlatcani or Great Speaker. The Aztec society had a small political system in placed, the senate or the city council “elected” the emperor who had absolute power and control over the empire. Since the government was based on hereditary rule, the senate had little to no control or preference over who would be emperor. Even though the senate could attempt to make decisions, in the end the emperor had the final …show more content…

Besides being separated by an ocean, the Romans and Aztecs were very much alike. Both were ruled by emperors worshipped as a god, both had highly trained and skilled armies that contributed to their land control, and both believed in polytheistic religions. On the other hand, there are significant differences between the two empires, like the type of government system, economy, and social structure each civilization

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