Compare And Contrast Roman Empire And Chinese Empires

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The Roman, Chinese and Indian empire are the three main empires that exist in the past and inspired the rest of the empires that came afterwards. The Roman empire used trade and government to get where it was. The Chinese empire used legalism and a strong army. The Indian empire used religion to be successful. An empire consists of many different features, but there are some specific key features that makes an empire a strong and powerful empire and it usually consist of a strong military, effective leader, religion, trade and a lot more different features. The Roman Empire lasted from 96-180 C.E thanks to its large completed conquest and its flourishing arts, literature, and commerce, but there is more than just that to its success as it is said in 155 C.E by …show more content…

This emperor was different since according to Aristides he says that he was elected to protect and care for the people not to be their master and that he also had equality within the poor, rich, weak, and powerful people. The Roman Empire is a good representation of the modern world since the United States has a similar political system, but a bit more modern since we have one person in charge but he has more people under him to be able to rule the country effectively. The Roman Empire and the United States are similar since the government is there to care and protect the people from harm and to keep everything equal among the people. By having that type of government, it helped the emperor have peace within the people and by having that it allowed the empire to be able to conquer and control the empire with no problems which is why they were able to last a while without being

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