Compare And Contrast Rome Vs America

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Is America destined to fall like Rome? There are many controversial arguments over this theory because Rome and America can be compared and contrasted in many ways. Some similarities are that they are both the biggest nations of their time, and America has based some of their decisions after the Roman example. There are many differences that overrule the similarities because America has experienced many technological advancements, the United States is a democratic society, and America can learn from Rome’s past to make better decisions for our future. America will not fall like Rome. Technological advancements are very essential for a country’s future and improvement. America has leapt through the Industrial Age to the Information Age and the Biotech Age, while Rome was stuck in the Iron Age. Rome’s weapons and tools were primarily made of the metal iron and…show more content…
In republican Rome, the Patricians held most of the political power. The Patricians were only a very small percentage of the population that were educated, wealthy, and powerful. The Romans created a code a law called the 12 Tables of Law. It was not fair but it demonstrated punishment for bad behavior. America can learn from the past and history of Rome to make better decisions for America’s future. Rome was power hungry and didn’t think about long-term consequences. The Senate controlling the decisions of Rome held power unchecked by anyone. This can cause major problems for a country because many people have many different opinions. They desired to expand and rule a larger empire instead of bringing peace and evolutionary development to its population. Rome and America both created global structures, and the citizens and rest of the world were taken for granted. Growth and development requires compassion and empathy for an entire kingdom which the Romans did not really have for their
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