Compare And Contrast Romeo And Juliet And West Side Story

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Over the years, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has become the basis for many modern romances. West Side Story is such an example, branching off of the original story of Romeo and Juliet to create an original storyline with many major differences. A recurring theme in each of these works is the blindness that love can create. Through secret and public meetings to murdering relatives and ongoing familial feuds, the main couple’s love outlasted it all, even though it was sightless. Paths taken in these two stories were clouded by love and major divergences still brought their stories to a close, each ending with a death, no matter the route taken. The first instance of difference leading to a similar outcome was the moment that started off each couple's relationship, their initial encounter.…show more content…
Romeo and Juliet met at a masquerade, the former of the two was not invited. A warring member of the opposing family, Tybalt, caught a glimpse of him. “This by his voice, should be a Montague/Fetch me my rapier, boy.” (1.5.53-54) This causes tensions to soar between the two families, only to be resolved later on. In West Side Story, Tony and Maria also meet at a dance, but instead of avoiding each other in public, they walked right up to each other and kissed directly in front of the leaders of each gang. Riff and Bernardo, both leaders siblings of the couple, created a large argument between the Sharks and Jets. These two encounters both resulted in a very similar way, an intense fight with catastrophic consequences in the end. Their feelings blinded them towards the attitudes of those in their surroundings and even if the couples went about meeting in different ways, it still caused a disturbance to make matters worse. The people they had angered had the power to cause disastrous
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