How Did Lord Capulet Affect Romeo And Juliet's Decisions

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Many factors affected both Romeo’s and Juliet’s decisions and fates. One of the most prominent factors was Lord Capulet. His actions, reactions, and tempers led Romeo and his wife to a tragic fate. His most eminent impacts were his longtime feud with Lord Montague, his decision to spare Romeo at the party, and his reprimanding of Juliet’s unwillingness to marry Paris.
Lord Capulet and Lord Montague had been rivals for many decades. The line “From ancient grudge break to new mutiny” from the prologue described how the feud had been alive for many years, and that the flame was being relit. Yet even though the feud was strong, the animosity between both lords was even stronger. This was well depicted in the fight between the servants of both
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Juliet was told by Lady Capulet that a happy day was coming. “Marry my child, early next Thursday”, is what Lady Capulet told Juliet; however, it did not bode well with Juliet. She immediately declined ------ which shows a shift in her personality, from being and obedient girl to being a rebellious one----- saying that she would not marry yet, and that when she would, “it will be Romeo… Rather than Paris.” This leads to Capulet’s impudent statement “unworthy as she is that we have wrought”, and his decision that if she did not marry Paris, he would throw her out of the house. His rash words led Juliet to make the hasty decision of getting a solution from Friar Lawrence and if he did not have an adequate solution, her own solution of killing herself. Though Capulet didn’t realize it, he was the reason behind many of Romeo and Juliet’s decisions and fate. His feud led to the death of both Romeo and Juliet, his sparing of Romeo led to the union of the couple, and his rash words against his daughter led to Juliet’s imprudent actions. All of these events led to the untimely and violent deaths of both Romeo and Juliet. Therefore, even though Lord Capulet’s role is a small role to act out, his part in lives of both kids is very
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