Ronaldo Vs Messi Compare And Contrast

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Who is better? Christiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? No matter how many times they have rubbished the talks of rivalry between them but Sport thrives on rivalries. Though not personal, professional sure does. The famous rivalry is between spearheads of Barcelona and Real Madrid. A rivalry which has characterized the last decade in the footballing circles. Both Ronaldo and Messi have over the time, proved their mettle and both have already achieved enough to make sure that their names go down in history books as all time great footballers. But I, like many other football fan, could not stop myself from trying my hands in comparing the two great players. What I have done is taken few points and compared the two stars on that. 1. Effectiveness in scoring: Typically, each team has a top scorer that shoots about 30-35% of all goals. If a team scores 100 goals there is…show more content…
Passing/Assists: Messi belongs to the top-ranked players with respect to assists. In addition, he plays numerous key passes, which are often not exploited by his mates. Superb are his so-called chip-passes. Ronaldo improved last year with respect to assists, but is still mainly focused to assist himself. Ronaldo is exceptionally well when it comes to fast breaks, but lacks precision in more static situation. His passes rarely create situation for other players or free space. 4. Game intelligence: Ronaldo's game intelligence is not competitive with world class players. Perhpas he is too focused on himself. The key question for Ronaldo is how can I come to a chance to shoot. In contrast, Messi has an outstanding game intelligence (see passing). 5. Defense: In earlier years, Messi participated in aggressive pressing and captured many balls. This is why Guardiola claimed that Messi is one of the best defense players as well. Meanwhile Messi is not supporting his team in defense tasks. I do not know the defense performance of Ronaldo in the past. His current performance is similarly poor as Messi's

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