Compare And Contrast Rosa Parks

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The Civil Rights movement is one of the most discussed topics in American history. Segregation played a big time role in the 1960’s. White people and colored people had different restrooms, water fountains, and other public features. Thankfully, these things are not segregated today! Rosa Parks was one of the blacks that wanted to end segregation. She was one of the most important people to help commence the Civil Rights movement. Douglas Brinkley and Rita Dove both portrayed Rosa Parks similarly; however, both media types portray her differently as well. The reader can learn both similar and different characteristics from these authors about Rosa Parks from her appearance, her daily life, personal thoughts, values, and the authors’ genre techniques. During the 1960’s, Rosa Parks wouldn’t have been a very noticeable person, other than the fact she was a colored woman. She was a very hard working woman who worked many hours as a seamstress. She works…show more content…
She worked as a seamstress in a tailor shop, and in her free time she worked with the NAACP as well. She wanted very passionately to end segregation as a whole, so she worked all day for the NAACP. In the poem, Dove states, “The time right inside a place” (line 2). This line shows the reader that the day was like normal until she got on the bus. She was going through her daily routines, but then she could just feel that she wasn’t right on the bus. In Brinkley’s biography she states, “Park’s mind was more with the NAACP than her work duties” (lines 16-17). Rosa Parks was very dedicated to stopping all the differences between races. She was standing up for her beliefs, and didn’t want to be pushed around. In Brinkley’s biography, she says that Rosa Parks felt fear on the bus ride home. In Dove’s poem she shows Rosa Parks as being brave. Rosa Parks could not have been characterized as vividly in both media types if her genre techniques were not included by the
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