How Did Ruby Davis Influence Society

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Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis were very influential people. They used speech and showed power through their roles. Eblah b;ah whiuhefiurumhdvm dqf Placeholder---- do better fal ): Ossie Davis was born in 1917 on December 18th. His hometown is Cogdell, Georgia. His real name is Raiford Chatman Davis, and his nickname ‘Ossie’ came from a man who mispronounced his initials of ‘RC’. His family was poor growing up but it didn’t stop him from achieving his dreams. Ruby Dee was born on August of 27 1922. She was born as Ruby Ann Wallace, but she changed it later in life. She grew up in Harlem. Ossie Davis was an intelligent, well-liked man (opinion? Fix if needed for final draft). He was even enrolled in Harford before he dropped out. He wanted to pursue acting instead, so he left to do so. Ruby Dee was a hard working woman who had many aspirations in life. From a young age, she knew what she wanted to do. She joined the American Negro Theatre as an apprentice in 1941, where she learned and worked to earn her keep. She also graduated from New York’s Hunter College and had a degree in the romance languages. Davis had other struggles in life than poverty. From sometime in the 1930s-40s to 1946, he served in the army. He was even present for WW2. Davis admired Sidney Poitier, and that…show more content…
Davis even showed his bond with King and Malcolm X when he went to their funerals. He spoke at X’s funeral and participated in a tribute at King’s. Additionally, Dee partook in and even emceed in the 1963 March on Washington. She also defied many stereotypes by playing lead roles. When Ms. Dee and Davis received Kennedy Center Honors in 2004, it was said that they opened “many a door previously shut tight to African American artists and planted the seed for the flowering of America’s multicultural humanity.” Together, they worked hard to destroy stereotypes and bring new opportunities and rights for many
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