Compare And Contrast Salem Witch Trials And The Holocaust

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Most people have never heard of an event more corrupt than the Salem Witch Trials, or one more devastating than the Holocaust. The Salem Witch Trials and the Holocaust are very similar in many ways. Both events included many deaths, false accusations, and the unfair treatment of many people. In September 1692 in Salem Village, Massachusetts, a mass hysteria was underway. (Salem Witch Trials). Many people were starting to be accused of “witchcraft” or being a “witch” (Salem Witch Trials). These accusations led to many issues in the village (Salem Witch Trials). People eventually started having to go to court and if they confessed to witchcraft they were safe, but if they denied it they were hung (Salem Witch Trials). The first hanging took place in June and over 150 women, men, and children were accused over the next several months (Salem Witch Trials). The hangings took place on a hill called “Gallows Hill” (Salem Witch Trials). After…show more content…
The Nazis believed the Germans were “racially superior” and the Jews were inferior (The Holocaust). Over 6 million Jews lost their lives during the Holocaust (The Holocaust). The main targets were Jews, disabled, Gypsies, and slavic people (The Holocaust). If they did not match the “social norms”, they were killed (The Holocaust). Between the years 1941 and 1944, Jews were deported to concentration camps where they were then killed (The Holocaust). In all, 200,000 gypsies and disabled people were killed (The Holocaust). On May 7, 1945 the Germans surrendered unconditionally to allies (The Holocaust). Displaced persons camps opened up all over and this is where majority of the survivors were found (The Holocaust). Those that did not make it, died in gas chambers, starvation, disease, neglect, or maltreatment (The Holocaust). The last displaced persons camp closed in 1957 (The Holocaust). Millions of people died during this time period (The
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