Compare And Contrast Scrooge And A Christmas Carol

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“They owe me money and I will collect.I will have them jailed,if I have to. They owe me money and I will collect what is due to me”(Dickens 1).This is a quote from Charles Dickens drama A Christmas Carol through the voice of greedy, and cruel Ebenezer Scrooge.A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a holiday classic through the eyes of many people.Throughout the years there have been many movies on the tale.One movie is the 1984 version directed by Clive Donner and staring George C. Scott who plays old Scrooge.This is a heartwarming tale of a cranky,greedy old man named Ebenezer Scrooge, who hates Christmas.Scrooge believes that Christmas is a waste of money,or a “humbug”(Dickens 3), not that he could waste his own money.Three ghosts, know…show more content…
Cratchit his poor employ at Christmas Eve dinner.They have hardly a meal but they are still happy.Mr. Cratchit’s wife is not happy with Scrooge.His nephew Fred doesn't think fondly of him either.Scrooge is shown to children ,Ignorance and Want.He is shown the poor and the homeless this is where Scrooge is left.(movie…show more content…
Even though both are great stories, but there are still occasional differences.In both versions of A Christmas Carl three ghosts known as Past, Present, and Future attempt and succeed in changing Scrooge’s life for the better.Scrooge becomes one of the jolliest people in town after that Christmas Eve night (movie 1984) even though in the drama it’s hard to clarify that he is. In the movie there’s also more of an emphasis on Scrooge’s earlier life(movie 1984). Overall this movie is very much like the drama by Charles Dickens
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