Compare And Contrast Shakespeare And Romeo And Juliet

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Ovid and Shakespeare are two different writers whom both wrote about two young lovers who overcome differences to be together. Sadly, at the end of each story, all four lovers die, along with a few more due to the unaware situation. Ovid wrote Pyramus and Thisbe, two young lovers who are in love, but unable to see each other. Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet, which is a story about two families which are in an ancient grudge and are forbade to be together or talk with each other. Both stories have similarities, some of these similarities include; both sets of parents forbidding their children’s love for one another, this leads to unaware parents not knowing of the situation between their children, also the young lovers plan to escape in order to be together. Sadly, at the end of each story both of the young lovers die just trying to be together. The first reason both stories are similar is that the young kids aren’t allowed to be together, both sets of parents forbade. In Pyramus and Thisbe, two young lovers are separated by a wall between both houses. Ovid states, "They longed to marry, but their parents forbade" (947). In Romeo and Juliet, their love is separated by a long-lasting grudge between the House of Montague and the House…show more content…
They die because all they wanted to do was be with the one they loved. In Pyramus and Thisbe, Pyramus thinks Thisbe is dead so he kills himself with his sword, and when Thisbe returns to see her only love dead she decides to kill herself. Ovid writes, "Before him lay the bloodstained shreds of the cloak and clear in the dust were the tracks of the lioness" (948). In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet "dies" and Romeo drinks poison so that he will be dead with her. Juliet awakes to see Romeo dead, because of this she then decides to stab herself. Juliet says, "Oh, noise? Then I’ll be quick. Oh, good, a knife! My body will be your sheath. Rust inside my body and let me die"
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