Compare And Contrast Shay's Rebellion And Whiskey Rebellion

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Settlers in the Western parts of the Unites States during the eighteenth century, sometimes looked to violent protest to express their grievances of political, economic, and social issues. The March of the Paxon Boys, Regulator Movement, Shay’s Rebellion, and The Whiskey Rebellion were all examples of settlers expressing their grievances.

The Paxton Boys were frontiersmen of Scots-Irish origin from along the Susquehanna River in central Pennsylvania. They formed a group to retaliate in 1763 against local American Indians in the aftermath of the French and Indian War and Pontiac's Rebellion. However, this group of men were racial and had political unrest during this time. Men in this group had before request for soldiers, guns, and gunpowder.
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American farmers were against the state and local enforcement of tax collections along with judgements for debt. These farmers took up arms in states like New Hampshire to South Carolina. The rebellion was the most serious in Massachusetts, there were bad harvests, economic depression, and high taxes, which all threatened farmers. The rebels tried to capture the federal arsenal at Springfield. They harassed leading merchants, lawyers, and supporters of the state government. The state militia that was commanded by Gen. Benjamin Lincoln, crushed the rebels in several engagements in the winter of 1787. Shays and the other principal figures of the rebellion fled first to Rhode Island and then to Vermont. The main cause of the Rebellion was enraged farmers who wanted to gain back their rights and what they thought was…show more content…
This enraged many citizens and cause violent and destructive protests to break out in several areas. However, Hamilton wanted to empower the federal government, as well as levy its power over the states. These taxes were very unpopular in mamy states. As a result protests and petition, the excise tax was then reduced. This reduction still did not completely settle all of the protests and anger among the citizens.

In conclusion, the March of the Paxton Boys, Regultor Movement, Shay’s Rebellion, and the Whiskey Rebellion had different causes and events that lead up to the start of each one. Violent protests errupted from these events and cause grievances to be expressed by these eighteenth century settlers. Poltical, economical, and social issues were the main causes of the retaliation among the settlers. Therefore, what came of these rebellions were economic grief and issues among the settlers and their
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