Compare And Contrast Shepard And Mccandless

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Shepard & Mccandless Who was more admirable, Adam Shepard or Chris Mccandless ? Whose journey was more reasonable ? These two men both had different journeys. Shepard was a 23 year old who was a graduate from Merrimack college and had a basketball scholarship and had a degree in business management and Spanish. He was very curious about social issues in the nation. Mccandless was 24 years old and graduated in 1990 and was captain on the cross country team where he always told his teammates to try there best. He graduated from Emory university with a degree bachelor in history and after graduation he donated all his money his parents gave him to a charity. Shepard was the most admirable and left a big impact on many people especially people…show more content…
One came out with a good outcome while the other came out with a devastating outcome.They both tried very hard to accomplish whatever they needed to do. Shepherds outcome is what made an impact on many people in poverty or in shelter homes. He said “ my project had been finished on January 11, thirteen days shy of my six month anniversary in Charleston. I had put away $2,514.36” (Shepard 192). He achieved his goal, he had a truck, a “furnished apartment” and enough money for himself. He finished 4 months early before his actual date. He had a big job opportunity to work for Fast Company still but back in his hometown Raleigh and he took it. He got to write a book about his journey and he also got interviewed and now his story is all over the world. Mccandless outcome wasn 't all that pretty. He had figured it was time for him to go back home but he couldn 't because of how bad the waves in the river are, he had gotten poison inside of his system. In his journal he had wrote “Extremely weak. Fault of potato seed. Much trouble just to stand up. Starving. Great Jeopardy” (Krakauer 13). He was “to weak to walk out” so he just “crawled into the sleeping bag his mother had made for him and slipped into unconsciousness” (Krakauer 14). Mccandless died August 18 in his mother 's sleeping bag on the bus. 19 days later is when hikers had discovered his body. This news to his family left them heartbroken. His outcome was very tragic because he was ready to go return back home but he couldn 't. Shepard had a happy ending to his story and his family must of been proud of what he
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