Compare And Contrast She's The Man And Twelfth Night

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Writing of the week 11/25/17

She’s the Man and the Twelfth Night are very similar. To start, the Twelfth Night’s characters, plot, and settings are similar but they also have key differences: one takes place at a high school and the other in a kingdom, viola needs someone to make her over. Duke Orsino is the soccer team captain in She’s The Man and in the Twelfth Night he is the Duke of Illyria. In both Duke Orsino has been in love with Olivia. Eventually Olivia falls in love with Viola. Also, in both, Viola falls in love with Duke. Another way the plots are alike is Viola disguises herself as a guy and ends up being Duke’s roommate and in the 12th night becomes part of Orsino’s court. Also, duke asks viola to get Olivia to fall in love with
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