Compare And Contrast She's The Man Vs Twelfth Night

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William Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night has been made into several film versions. The versions include the Globe Theatre version directed by Tim Carroll in 2012. Another version by Trevor Nunn was made in 1996, and a third version called She’s The Man made in 2006 was directed by Andy Fickman. A comparison of the media skills, characters, and the setting in the various versions of Twelfth Night and She’s The Man shows that She’s The Man is superior to the other Twelfth Night versions for students learning Shakespeare for the first time. The media skills in She’s The Man is more fitting than the other versions of Twelfth Night because of the continuous change of lighting and music to go with the mood of the scene. A media skills weakness in the Globe Theatre version is that there is not much of scene and lighting change, and there is also no special effects which did not make it look realistic. A weakness in the Hollywood version is that the scenes were mainly dark with little light, and it was hard to see what was happening in the scene. Since Carroll’s and Nunn’s version of Twelfth Night had a lot of weaknesses when it comes to media skills, She’s The Man is…show more content…
In the dorms, the class, and the soccer field is where the movie takes place more. Having the setting change so constantly in the movie, it makes it easier to understand and it makes it more captivating and not boring. The Globe Theatre version didn’t have a setting change like She’s The Man demonstrated. Since Carroll’s version on the Twelfth Night is showed on a stage, it is difficult to have a setting change, and it also played in front of a live audience. The Hollywood version was good when it comes to the setting, but it was difficult to understand where they were because it was dark and there wasn’t any description on where they were. Since She’s The Man showed more setting changes, it is easier to watch and more
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