Compare And Contrast Shopping Online And Online Shopping

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We all know that shopping at stores requires us to go to mall or department stores in buying supplies and spend our money. Now we live in the age of internet and buying things can now be done by clicking a mouse. Because of the numerous benefits of shopping online more and more people these days prefer online shopping over conventional shopping. But which one gives us the best benefits? Our discussion centered on three differences between shopping at stores and shopping online. Our first point of discussion is the dissimilarity between shopping at stores and shopping online is time. Shopping in the stores spend more time than shopping online. A trip to the mall could take two to three hours including transportation time. You must spend many hours looking for the right products or in the lines trying to just purchase it. In addition, comparing the product against other online store competitors also takes us a lot of time. This includes drive time to the stores locations, time to wait sellers bring products for us to take home and the time to check out. On the other hand, online shopping cuts out the time spent on transportation and walking from store to store. Comparing prices is faster online. Some websites, such as Lazada or Zalora, allow shoppers to compare product cost and customer satisfaction. Unlike shopping at stores, you do not have to wait in a line or wait till the shop assistant is ready to help you with your purchases. You can do your shopping in minutes,
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