Compare And Contrast Slavery And Madison's Views On Slavery

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President's Views on Slavery James Madison was the fourth president of the United States, who owned many slaves and did not free any of them. When James Madison died, he still owned around one hundred slaves. As a third generation slave owner, Madison did not see slavery as evil. “By the early 1780s, the Madison family possessed well over one hundred slaves, and the Montpelier plantation had more slaves than any other in the county”(Booker). Madison depended on slave labor to earn his income and admittedly felt financially unable to free the human beings he had legal title to. Although in Madison's personal life he was one of the top slave owners in size, he told the public he was embarrassed and felt bad about owning slaves. His actions did not follow through with his words. James Madison claimed to be unhappy with himself in being a slave owner, but he did not do anything to try and end slavery himself. Another president, Andrew Jackson was one of the elite slave owners of his time. Slavery was the source of his wealth. “When Andrew Jackson bought The Hermitage in…show more content…
He did not own any slaves because he was so opposed to slavery and refused to employ them. He thought slavery was evil and cruel. Although he was against slavery, his views were different. “As a member of the Massachusetts State Legislature, Adams openly opposed legislation on the abolition of slavery in the state on the grounds that the issue was too divisive”(Benton). Adams knew slavery was bad, but when getting an opportunity to help change and end slavery he opposed to the idea. Adams saw slaves as human beings and knew they deserved equal rights. Adams also allowed slave owners opinions to nullify his approach to the subject during his political career. Adams, Jackson, Madison and Monroe were all presidents who dealt with slavery. Each president had a different view on slavery as well as a different personal and public life opinion on
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