Compare And Contrast Smitty In Two Fishmen

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At first glance Grace and Smitty appear to be completely different characters. One is a tall, elegant woman while the other is a short, elderly hangman. In the story Two Fishermen, Smitty is an out of town hangman. He is interviewed by Michael Foster and ends up being friends because of a fishing trip. The townspeople hate Smitty because he is hanging someone who doesn’t deserve it, even though it isn’t Smitty’s fault he is just doing his job. Despite their friendship Michael doesn’t defend him against the angry town after the hanging the next morning. The Snob is a story about Young John Harcourt and when he see’s his father at a book shop with Grace, the girl he loves. John is scared that his dad will embarrass him because he isn’t the same social class as Grace. John tries to avoid his father and gets in an argument with Grace where he calls her a snob. If you let your fears and worries control your actions you are going to hurt people close to you. Both Grace and Smitty suffered the backlash of the protagonist’s actions. It was neither of their fault but they had to face the consequences all the same.

Smitty and Grace aren’t similar at all in appearance or character, but that lends to the unjust treatment. Smitty is short and doesn’t pose much of a threat, which makes him a less threatening target to the mob. They can injure him without worry of him fighting back. Grace is higher class, tall, and powerful, but it makes it easier for John to stereotype her since she has
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