Compare And Contrast Socrates And Jesus

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Socrates and Jesus molded western civilization from their philosophies, these men are the two most influential thinkers of their time. Furthermore, Jesus was a man of great character who had abundant love and followed his divine calling, while Socrates made a mockery of theism and divination. Consequently, Jesus is superior to Socrates and this is evident through the description of their trial, their death, their similarities and their differences.
Socrates was a Greek philosopher who is considered the father of western philosophy and a contributor to western civilization, he was executed for his opposition to the state and the examined lifestyle he led. The father of western philosophy has a doctrine of virtue, he presents that the philosophical life is the best life; but he is put to death for his teachings. Socrates was executed in 399 B.C.E in Athens, his infamous trial was documented by his student, Plato who distributed "The Apology," 40-50 after the trial occurred. Socrates allowed himself to be put on trial because he believed that his death would shine light on his life as well as his teachings; thus, he intentionally lost the trial.
At 70, Socrates was put on trial for atheism, his investigation of things below and aloft of the Earth, his education to younger students, and the corruption of the youth of Athens; these charges were pressed Meletus, Anytus, and Lycon. Throughout the entirety of the trial he never stopped talking and searched for justification for
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