Compare And Contrast Socrates And Voltaire's Views On Philosophy

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Assignment directions:
Compare and contrast Socrates' attitude about philosophy (Apology and Allegory of the
Cave Readings) with the Good Brahmin's (Voltaire) attitude, conclude the essay by comparing both Socrates’ and the Good Brahmin’s attitudes to your own view on philosophy. Philosophy begins with wonder, because is a natural thing. For me it is like a daily activity, an examination of the nature, knowledge and reality also. Philosophy is a mental discipline and a natural development for minds that has evolved in human civilization. It offers us a way to find truth, ask questions and give the appropriate answers. In these lines below, I am going to compare and contrast
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For Socrates philosophy is a way of live, and we must always ask question to knowledge, which is also its philosophy. His kind of philosophy denies with other philosophers, because they believe only on the pursuit and building of knowledge. Those philosophers want to obtain as much knowledge as possible, while Socrates searches only the truth.
Consequently, the main idea between the Apology and the Allegory of the Cave is knowledge.
The Allegory is based under effects of knowledge on the human spirit. As I said before the prisoners are in dark cave, and they can’t do any movement for getting out from this fire that surround them. Into the cave they can’t imagine, interpret how to get out, because their minds are limited by false ideas. In proportion as they leave the cave their minds will be open, truth is revealed, and can ask question, examine new ideas, and concepts. SOCRATES’ AND VOLTAIRE’S ATTITUDES ABOUT PHILOSOPHY 4
In the Good Brahmin's The Voltaire attitude is as a philosopher its manner is a quite different with the two others. In his story, he tries to show many questions that people must ask about

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