Why Is Solar Energy Better Than Coal

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Boli Monger Danny Bellinger English 1101, 60499 July 11, 2017 Compare and Contrast Solar energy is better than Coal In today’s world energy is one of the essential things that we all need in our daily life. We human being use energy for everything from doing simple work at home to doing big work, like sending astronauts into space. There are various sources of energy, among them, the healthiest and environmentally safe is solar energy. Solar energy is defined as a renewable form of power or heat which is naturally produced by the sun light. According to the Energy Information Administration (solar vs coal 2), 15 years ago, the electricity industry made a huge shift towards renewable sources of energy because of its cheap availability and increasing popularity. The author also compared the coal and the solar energy of at this time as a new electricity generation. Both solar and coal produce energy, but solar energy is more beneficial because of its efficiency, construction cost, and is environmentally safe and healthy. Everyone needs energy for various purposes. The first thing to consider while choosing the energy for us is its efficiency. The efficiency of solar energy is better than the coal because it is produced in two different ways i.e. by using the photovoltaic (PV) or by using solar cells which help to convert sunlight…show more content…
The solar energy needs less maintenance cost comparing to coal because the coal-fired plant cost more to run the plant. It is also pointless to compare the construction cost of solar energy and traditional coal fired plant because it is dying out and new ones are no longer being built. As per the EIA, a new type of coal power plants that avoid releasing the harmful emission the price is way too high compared to solar energy (solar vs coal 3) also solar energy doesn’t need fuel cost whereas the fuel cost is needed for the coal
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