Compare And Contrast Soldier's Heart And The Red Badge Of Courage

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Compare and Contrast Essay between Soldier’s Heart and Red Badge of Courage Some may say that the Soldier’s Heart and The Red Badge of Courage are very similar stories, maybe too similar. The two novellas have some differences in them, but not many. The two stories have many more similarities, enough to make people question whether or not the stories are in fact the same. Even though the two have their differences, the similarities are enough to make people wonder if the author of Soldier’s Heart did not somewhat plagiarize The Red Badge of Courage. The two books have a few differences, enough to make contrasting the two stories fairly easy. In The Red Badge of Courage, it is said that Henry is from the Ohio area, while in Soldier’s Heart,…show more content…
Both characters seemed very nervous during their first battles in the war, but became battle-crazy towards the end. Another similarity between the two was that both boys spoke with a Confederate soldier, trying to make peace with one another for that night. Also, both were asked by someone in their regiment to send something back to their families, in case they died. Along with sending things home, both sent letters back to their families, telling them of their experiences. One similarity that is the most apparent is that they both were fighting in the same war, the Civil War. One last similarity is that both men saw a friend or someone in their regiment die during or after a battle in the war. The many similarities in this story are unexplainable. The two novellas, Soldier’s Heart and The Red Badge of Courage are very similar stories, though written in different time periods. The stories do have some differences, but not many. The two have many more similarities, so many it is a bit ironic. With all the similarities in these two novellas, it is enough to make you question whether or not that The Red Badge of Courage was vaguely plagiarized from the author of Soldier’s
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