Compare And Contrast Soldier's Home By Ernest Hemingway

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We start with Krebs, a soldier returning from Rhine in Ernest hemingway’s Soldier’s Home and Henry returning from Vietnam from Louise Erdrich. Surprisingly these protagonists and their stories have a lot in common. In both stories the internal conflict causes maladaptive behavior within the soldiers returning from war. Both of these stories have heavy emphasis on how war changes people, on the environment in which soldiers return to and protagonist’s main conflict of internal acceptance, more so than with society's acceptance. First we’ll see how the characters progress, along with two different versions of the protagonists. The second will allow the reader to understand how the world these soldier’s returned to heavily influenced their mindsets. The last …show more content…

War changes people drastically, in both stories the protagonist experience significant changes within their personalities. In Soldier’s Home, Krebs was initially a college student at a Methodist College in Kansas (882). The speaker doesn’t denote any actually conflict that Krebs experiences until after the war. As far as the reader knows, Krebs was a perfectly upstanding and normal member of society before the war. Even during the war Krebs seemed to be alright, in the second paragraph the sentence: “There is a picture which shows him on the Rhine with two German

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