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I believe that the sophomores of 2019 taking English 10 Pre-AP next year at Clark High School should have Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (written by Jonathan Safran Foers) and Something Wicked This Way Comes (written by Ray Bradbury) on their reading list for their summer assignment. Both authors teach important lessons through these stories that I feel are necessary for next year’s class to learn. Something Wicked This Way Comes is what I would consider to be a dark fantasy novel. This story of “Halloween” arriving seven days before October 31st is one that readers will not forget. Anytime they past by a carnival that sends a chill through their body they’ll think of Cooger and Dark’s Pandemonium Shadow Show. Without a doubt, this was a very interesting read that wasn’t too slow. I know this from personal experience and because I’ve been told numerous times by my peers, but a lot of books we’ve had to read because of school are usually slow and reading them seems like a hassle. This is anywhere but true for this one, the storyline is so intriguing with a flowing beginning, middle, and end. Most teenagers are introduced to so many things that try to lure them into the dark side. The truly scary part about that is that you never know when someone is trying to pull you to that side. In the book, Mr. Dark makes the darkness so alluring.…show more content…
Dark. “Let’s ride him back and back, eh? Make a babe in arms, a babe for the Dwarf to carry like a clown-child, roundabout in parades, every day for the next fifty years, would you like that, Will? To be a babe forever?”” (Page 233)

This book doesn’t just tell us that there is evil in the world, it teaches us that we have control against that dark force. We may all be tempted by the darkness and the shadows, but we are the ones that decide to let it harm us or not. In this book it says,

“Evil only has the power that we give it. I give you nothing.” (Page
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