Compare And Contrast Sparta And Athens

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Athens and Sparta were two city-states in the ancient Greece , which also had two different political systems or government. The Athenian political system was democracy whereas the Spartan one was dictatorship. In the following assignment I’m comparing them showing in what way the people of Athens and those of Sparta obtained their right to participate in public life and make decisions affecting the community. Who held public office. What rules governed the selection of public office holders. How were the two city-states similar in their governmental structures. How did they differ from each other.

In the ancient Greece, there were two largest, most powerful and most influential Greek city states, Athens and Sparta. Their political system were quite opposites of each other. In the Athenian city states they adopted democracy ( rules of mob) and in the Spartan city-states they adopted dictatorship which is an oligarchic system( the rule of a minority).In fact, their political differences are also shown in the way the citizenry may obtain the right to participate in the public life and making decisions affecting their community. This difference also affected who may hold the public office, and what are the rules governed the choice for the public office. However, in spite of their differences, there are strong similarity between Athens and Sparta in terms of government.

How did people in Athens and Sparta obtain the right to participate in public life and
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