Compare And Contrast Sparta And Athens

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The last week, we have learned much information about two important, largest, most powerful and ultimately most influential Greek city states which are Athens and Sparta. Athens was the cultural and economic powerhouse. It was also the center of civilization, architecture, ethical philosophy and the theater. It was here that democracy was born. At the contrary, Sparta was a city that has plenty of courageous warriors, and has developed a dictatorship government. This week in this Written Assignment I will make my better to briefly compare and contrast monarchy, aristocracy, tyranny, oligarchy, and democracy as forms of government in Ancient Greek city states.
It is a form of government in which the ruling or rule (arkhein) power is it the hands of a single (monos) person such as a king with the help of a council advisor. The king is empowered to remain in power for life. He lived in the capital city, and there were some people in the villages around it that paid taxes, obeyed, and depended on him for their defense. He took power legally and his sovereignty hereditary, because after his death his oldest son succeeded him on the throne. He has many powers, makes laws and acted as judges also. They led people to war, and conducted ceremonies. When there is no direct male successor the king chose his closest military advisors to replace it in order to become a monarch in the future.
It is
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