Compare And Contrast Stalin Vs Adolf Hitler

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HItler VS. Stalin Many events that happened in World War II were the direct cause from leaders that took control of their country and asked no questions and were relentless leaders. Stalin killed more than 40 Million people while in power in World War II, Hitler approximately killed 11 million people including 6 million Jewish people that were in camps and executed by the Nazis. Joseph Stalin was a far worse and more brutal dictator than adolf hitler. In world war II the two dictators Joseph Stalin and adolf hitler both murdered many people and did tragic things with their country. Joseph Stalin was the most brutal dictator of the two. Joseph Stalin “during this time, nearly 40 million russians died during the second world war that were linked…show more content…
Adolf hitler set up concentration camps to work jew to death or kill them right when they got there by making them “Shower” which was a gas chamber that killed them. At any point the nazi soldiers would accuse the jews for doing something they did not do so they sent them to a camp far worse than the one there were at “Convicted of forgery, aiding the enemy and attempted escape, the sisters were sent to separate prisons. Then in December 1943 Anita was told she was being moved to Auschwitz. She was aware what that meant. “You knew about the gas chambers in Auschwitz long before one was in Auschwitz,” Anita told me.” Hitler would also kill anybody who was thought to have a deformity like down syndrome. He would kill anybody who was not the perfect soldier. Hitler made an agreement with stalin in world war II agreeing to not attack each other in the war “Driven by his ambitions and his hatred of communism, Hitler then turned on the Soviet Union.” Hitler, Adolf" (Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia). He made a pact with the USSR to not attack each other went against the treaty they both signed and attacked them. adolf hitler would stop at nothing to kill everybody that did not agree with his ways and kill all the people that he thought that were hurting germany “From the first days of Hitler 's "Third Reich" political opponents such as von Schleicher and Gregor Strasser were murdered or incarcerated, and some Nazis, among them Ernst Roehm, were themselves purged. Jews, Socialists, Communists, and others were hounded, arrested, or assassinated. Government, law, and education became appendages of National Socialism. After Hindenburg 's death in 1934 the chancellorship and presidency were united in the person of the Führer. Heil Hitler! became the obligatory
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