Compare And Contrast Strangeworth And Emily Grierson

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The possibility of harmful woman “Karma has no menu you got served what you deserve”. This is what i would say Mrs. Strangeworth and Emily Grierson got and they deserved it. Everyone knew both of them but they both were not just not talkative they did their business and went back home. Adela Strangeworth and Emily Grierson sharply are compared in their stories because they basically do the same thing by hurting other people. Mrs. Strangeworth is hurting people because Mrs. Strangeworth hurt the people that she sent the letters to like they said “Didn’t you ever see an idiot child before”. Also another one said “have you found out yet what they were all laughing about after you left the bridge club on Thursday? Or is the wife really the last one to know. Finally the last letter she sent which read “you never know about doctors. Remember they 're only human and need more money like the rest of us. Suppose the knife accidently slipped. Would Doctor burns get his fee and a little extra from that nephew of yours”. She sent these letters and do you really think that she should be sending these letters or is she just trying to scare the people that…show more content…
These two stories show comparison because they showed that Adela and Emily hurting people like Adela she sent the letters which hurt them because they had those harmful things inside of their envelopes. Now for Emily she once in her life found somebody she loved and he loved her back so she didn 't want him to get away because she never found someone like this before, so she feed him some rat poison so he would die. Also at the end of the two stories the woman both got what they deserved which was Adela’s roses got cut down because she sent all of those harmful letters to people. Emily got what she deserved because she killed Homer so she ended up dying lonely and no one to talk to. So if these woman are going to be mean and harmful they got what they deserved. Which was their most precious thing taken away from

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