Essay On Dystopian Literature

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Teenagers and Dystopian literature? Have you ever thought about what our society is going to look like in, say fifty years? Many people do especially teenagers, they think about it and that is why books with a dystopian societies are popular among teenagers. This is something that every person thinks about at least once, and that is why they stay so popular even after being written for so many years, they just appeal to the teenage mind. The main question is why does dystopian literature appeal so much to the young adults, what is making dystopian literature so entertaining? Teenagers feel like they can relate or think, what if this was to really happen? The authors Ayn Rand and Veronica Roth promote individualism and selfless acts in the novels they wrote, but sometimes that is not always the best thing. After all these years, reading and writing dystopian literature is still…show more content…
¨I dystopian futures are also a reflection of current fears( Lauren Oliver)¨. The reason that they all live in these dystopian societies is because they fear that the future holds. This shows that they fear what is going to happen so they have all these rules that the people don 't want to follow but because it is punishable by death they do, but there is always the ones who don 't. Both novels are very popular and will be for quite some time. Dystopian literature is so popular among the teens because they are all alike that makes them more appealing to the readers. Both Anthem and Divergent are both very popular among the younger ages. They are both very different and very alike and that is why they appeal to the readers of dystopian stories. They make the readers think about the future what might happen. Works
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